The American Dream Webquest at the OS

The American Dream

A webquest at the OS

In the course of this semester we researched information mainly from the internet about different aspects of the "American Dream". Such a research project is called a webquest.

Our articles describe the origin of the "American Dream" and its change in the course of the American history. Moreover, we evaluated today's relevance of the American Dream and dealt with the question if the "American Dream" still exists nowadays and mentioned positive as well as negative aspects of it.

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Our English cours takes place at the OS ("Oberstufen-Kolleg") which is a special kind of "evaluation school" which has the aim to find out how school could be developed in Germany. It is located in Bielefeld in Eastern Westphalia.

Johanna Schumacher, Eva Michels, Matthias Bokelmann, Fabian Everding